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Global Atlantic Petroleum
Company Ltd.

UK has significant oil and natural gas resources that have
been fully developed. With favorable fiscal terms and high netbacks,
we believe there is vast potential in the country. We are utilizing 3D
seismic data, horizontal drilling and multistage completions to
increase production in UK.

Investor Relations

GlobalAtlantic Petroleum is an international energy producer engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Our objective is to acquire and develop assets with known production potential in countries that have favorable fiscal terms and prices. We utilize United Kingdom technology to enhance and commercialize production.

Our common stock trades on the London Stocks under the symbol DAX and the FTSE Stock Exchange under the symbol UK. We are headquartered in United Kingdom.


GlobalAtlantic Petroleum is committed to utilizing United Kingdom technology to prove, define, and develop resource play potential and deliver growth for its shareholders.


Prioritize opportunities and execute a balance of near-term and longer-term projects to maximize potential.

Acquire assets with known production or verifiable show wells.


Pursue projects that will permit development from existing cash flow, 
Maximizing returns by reducing drilling and operating costs by efficient drilling practices,